It's just a question, you see, of how good your eyes and ears are. Your stay in Rochester can be as fruitful, as enjoyable, as instructive, as rewarding as you yourself are capable of making it. We're sure you'll like it; and we hope you'll like us too!

— George Sumner Albe

The Town of Rochester...

...was incorporated on January 25, 1703 and organized as a town on March 7, 1788. The two largest principal communities still in existence today are Accord and Kerhonkson. The Town consists of a number of hamlets, many of which were formerly associated with a one-room school district, had post offices or a general store:

A hamlet that now includes the former Delaware and Hudson Canal port of Port Jackson. The Main Street of Accord is now what was once Port Jackson and runs perpendicular to the old Canal. The former Accord proper used to be across the Rondout Creek along Route 209. Accord is the seat of town government.

A hamlet that straddles the Rondout Creek in the southeast corner of the Town. This hamlet was centered around Lock 21 on the Canal and had a number of small businesses that revolved around the waterway.

A hamlet northwest of Mombaccus, in the north sector of the Town near the line with the Town of Olive.

The Clove
A former Marbletown school district and a neighborhood in the southeast corner of the Town. It stretches along the Coxing Kill at the base of the Shawangunks just south of Alligerville.

Fantine Kill
A hamlet north of Pine Bush on Route 3. The name is no longer in common use.

A neighborhood south of Kerhonkson at the base of the Shawangunks, now generally centering about the Granit Hotel on Granite Road.

Formerly Middleport, is a hamlet properly in the Town of Wawarsing. The hamlet began as a Canal era community that now straddles Route 209 and the Rondout Creek and extends slightly over the town line into Rochester.

A hamlet in Marbletown along the town line and west of Route 209.

An agricultural neighborhood located on Lucas Turnpike, east of Aligerville, which dates from the early settlement period. The area extends east into Marbletown.

A hamlet in a valley half-way up Queens Highway near the northeastern side of the township, east of Tabasco.

A hamlet north of Accord, in the middle of the township and at the junction of several important roads.

Mill Hook
A mill community dating from the early settlement period. It is north of 209 and at the confluence of the Mill Brook and the Mombaccus Creek.

A hamlet north of Pataukunk on the road to Samsonville.

A neighborhood in the middle of the township near the Olive-Marbletown line, inside the Catskill State Park.

A hamlet just north of Kerhonkson on the road to Samsonville.

Pine Bush
A location on the west town line north of Kerhonkson and up the hill on Route 209.

In the northwest part of the Town and inside the Catskill State Park, it was a neighborhood along the Wawarsing town line. Rogue Harbor Road is its connection to the rest of Rochester.

Rochester Center
A neighborhood north of Pine Bush on Queens Highway.

St. Josen
A population center off the Berme Road as it runs between Alligerville and Accord at the base of the Shawangunks.

A district north of Mombaccus on the road to Sampsonville in neighboring Marbletown.

Vernooy Falls
It was a neighborhood in the northwest corner of the township along the Wawarsing Town line.

Formerly Newtown, a neighborhood near the north side of the Town along the town line with Marbletown.

Located south of Potterville, lin the Catskill State Park, a neighborhood in the northwest corner of the Town which can only be reached from the Town of Wawarsing.

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