I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.

— John Wanamaker

People more frequently require to be reminded than informed.

— Dr. Johnson

Without advertising a terrible thing happens:

Then advertise!

Use our flexible advertising and promotional programs to build awareness, promote products and services, generate inquiries or drive traffic to your website. Choose from the options below, or contact us to customize your advertising program.

To place a FREE classified ad, click here.
To add a picture to your classified ad — for only $10 — attach a digital photo to an e-mail.

Event Announcement
Announce your commercial event on the calendar page
for up to one month prior.
422 x 720 pixels (or smaller) — $30 per commercial event.

SQUARE — 160 x 160 pixels — $90 per year.
TOWER — 160 x 300 pixels — $120 per year.
SKYSCRAPER — 160 x 600 pixels — $150 per year.
BILLBOARD* — 422 x 240 pixels — $150 per year.
*Billboards are displayed at the bottom of pages, as seen here.

Rates include basic banner design.
Permanent positioning on desired pages can be purchased,
subject to availability, at 100% premium.

One stand alone web page — 500 x 720 pixels — $150 per year.
Click here to see a profile.

Hot Deals
Grow your business with local online coupons. Give the potential client the opportunity to print off this website a branded coupon for the savings you offer. Click here to view a coupon.
$90 per coupon — Rate includes coupon design.

5-page website
Your own, fully independent website at your own address:
www.BusyRochester.com/YourName — $180 per year.
One-time design and production fee — $300.

All rates are net. All advertising is subject to approval before acceptance or posting. Payment is to be made to Point Blank, Inc., in (US) dollars and is required before any advertising will be displayed.

Online payments to
can be made through PayPal.

Busy Rochester? You bet!

If you want to get noticed, write your name on the wall.

— Barbara Corcoran

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